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Best Range Experience

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by Centennial Gun Club Stories

I started going to ladies night shortly after it began and just completed the NRA marksmenship program and received my distinguished expert certification for pistal shooting.
I have been to a few other local ranges before for their ladies night where I was just treated like a number, but at Centennial the staff and owners are all so friendly it contributed to an over all wonderful experience every time. The facility is clean and the range itself is well ventilated. They also have marshalls in the range to answer any questions or assist you if needed.
If you are a lady who has never shot before Ladies night is for you. It will provide you with the opportunity to not only learn how to properly handle a firearm, but also try out various modles and calibers of pistals and rifles. The best part is its all free, you only have to provide your own ammunition.
I highly reccomend visiting Centennial Gun Club for Ladies night and any other time for one of your best experiences at a range.
Thank you Centennial Gun Club for this great experience!

Name: Becky

Centennial Gun Club Shooting Range

Saturday, October 6, 2012 by Richard Abramson


Centennial Gun Club is the best of Colorado Shooting Ranges.  Safety is always our major concern in our Shooting Range.  Safety is a personal responsibility of all shooters and our ranges are always staffed with Range Safety Officers to remind each shooter of their personal responsibility to themselves and others in the range.

In an indoor range, ventilation is a critical component of the shooting environment.  Ventilation systems in our ranges are designed for shooter comfort and is climate controlled, maintaining a 70° temperature year-round.  Air movement is carefully controlled to maintain a constant flow of clean air from behind the shooter, moving down range.  This air movement provides clean air to the shooter and moves smoke and dust down range, away from the shooter.

Our current range has 6 shooting lanes and our new facility will open with 28 state-of-the-art 25 meter lanes.  Each lane is equipped with target carriers with 360° turning targets.  A number of scenarios are programmed into the system including the law enforcement qualifier, Front Sight Skills Test and good guy / bad guy scenarios.  Each of these is designed to encourage target discrimination, speed and accuracy.  Our Range Safety Officers can help you get a scenario that will challenge your skills.  Again, safety first.

Our ranges are built to support tactical training for rifles and shotguns as well as handguns.  The trap systems are designed to absorb all common calibers of handguns and rifles up to 50 BMG.  Shotguns are permitted using #4 shot and lower including 00 buck and slugs.

Club Membership is the best way to use our indoor firing range.  Members can reserve shooting time six days in advance.  Our range is also a public shooting range and non-members can reserve shooting time 24 hours in advance.  We encourage you to call 303-662-9900 and ask the rangemaster to help find a time that works in your schedule.

Being New to Shooting and an Indoor Shooting Range

Monday, October 1, 2012 by Terri Thelen

I recently had a conversation with a couple ladies new to the shooting sport that came in to use our indoor shooting range.  As they shared their early experience of wanting to learn how to shoot and not knowing where to begin, I couldn’t help but flashback to when I first started out learning.  I didn’t know much about guns; let alone what to do or how to handle guns safely.  For many women, walking into a gun club or shooting range can be somewhat intimidating.  As the ladies said farewell after showing their targets to me and talking about their progression since their first time on the range, I couldn’t help but think of the pleasant change that Centennial Gun Club offers to women with a supportive and welcome environment as well as knowledgeable Range Safety Officers available to provide assistance and guidance on the indoor range.  So where do you start?  You start by first making the decision to give shooting a try.  It is fun, rewarding, and empowering.

Our shooting range is open!

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by CGC Web Team

The Centennial Gun Club’s shooting range hours of operation are 9 AM until 9 PM on Monday through Saturday, Noon to 6 PM on Sunday. 

Please call 303-662-9900 and ask for the rangemaster to schedule range time.