Patriot Days Feb 20 – 23 | Win an AR-15 | Demo Machine Guns & Silencers

Thursday, February 13, 2014 by CGC Web Team


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Win an AR-15

February 20 – 23
Successfully shoot the “Patriot Days” target and get your name in the drawing to win a top of the line Daniel Defense DDM4 AR-15!

The Rules of the Contest:
– Contest runs from 9:00AM February 20 – 4:30PM February 23
– Use your own gun or one of our handguns. You must sign a waiver form to shoot.
– Each shooter gets one target (ask for target at check-in) and 5 shots.
– The shooter must be 20ft from the target.
– The shooter must be using a .380 – .45  caliber handgun.
– The shooter must be accompanied by an R.S.O. for verification.
– If you successfully land a bullet in each of the 5 starred center circles you will be entered into the drawing. We will randomly select the WINNER from the entries on Sunday, February 23 at 5:00 PM
Attendance encouraged but not necessary to win.

*COOL Event* Demo Machine Guns and Silencers/Suppressors!

Range lanes set aside to fire rifles and handguns with suppressors.
Buy some ammunition and try out the ones that will make you smile.
Firearms and Suppressors from: Thunderbeast, Advanced Armament Co., Silencerco, FNH

FREE 30 Minute Classes

February 21 – 23  (At the top of the hour throughout the day)


We will be offering free classes on February 21 – February 23. They are first come first serve for the first 50 people — there will be a sign up sheet at the check-in desk. Come sample some of our standard classes offered in short form:  NRA Training, Basic Pistol, Girl and a Gun, Preparedness, Psychology of Carry, Refuse to be a Victim, Use of Force, Competitive Shooting, Lowlight/Flashlight, Private Instruction, and Tactical Knife.

Bowling Pin Shoot

 February 21-23 2:00pm – 4:00pm
 (If you haven’t done this you have to…if you have, we know we will see you there!)

This is a really FUN event that anyone ages 10 (with guardian signed waiver) and over can participate in! See how many of the 5 pins that you can knock down with 16 rounds max. You do not have to reserve range time and range fees do not apply. Use your own firearm or rent one of ours.  Plenty of ammo available for purchase.

Representatives from the following companies will be available on February 21 & 22 (Friday & Saturday) to answer your questions and highlight their products:

Looper Brands “Flash Bang Holsters”, Smith & Wesson, Daniel Defense, Benelli, Thunderbeast, Advanced Armament Co., Silencerco, Browning, JP Rifles, LMT, Double D Armory, Barnes Precision, Vortex EO Tech, FNH, SRM, Comptac, Gun Vault, Steiner, US Peacekeepers, Sweetwater Saddlery (Custom Holsters), Ridgeline, Vertx, Propper, Surefire, RE Factor, Streamlight, Fish Enterprises and Boulder Case Company.

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