Testimonial From Our Multi-State Concealed Carry Course!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 by CGC Web Team

I decided to take the Multi-State Concealed Carry Course with a friend because I had already obtained my Colorado CCW and wanted to get my Utah CCW as well. To my surprise, a lot of the information covered with regard to the Colorado portion of the class by my instructor John Abramson was new information, even though I had already taken the NRA Basic Pistol course at my local gun shop in Englewood for my Colorado CCW last year. In other words, the Multi-State Concealed Carry Course at Centennial Gun Club is far more detailed and organized then what you’ll find at your local gun shop. In fact, everything about the club oozes professionalism and instantly gives-off a great first impression. All of the employees wear clean and pressed uniforms; they’re all very polite and respectful and the building sells itself once you’re inside. My instructor John was detailed and direct, but he also taught with a smile. Not once did he waste time lecturing us on contemporary politics nor did he come off at any point as a condescending know-it-all regarding firearms or concealed carry philosophy. The best part of the class is the fact that you leave the class with everything you need to complete the application process (they even took our passport photos for our Utah applications so we didn’t have to deal with it on our own afterwards!) Despite the fact that my friend and I live in Denver, we know from experience that it doesn’t get much better than this club in Colorado, so we became members the following weekend. Indeed, membership at Centennial Gun Club isn’t the cheapest option in the state, but you get exactly what you paid for with this club and that’s why I love this place!

-Josh K.

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