Testimonial on an Attempted Break-in

Monday, February 10, 2014 by CGC Web Team

I woke up around 3:30 AM the morning of January 23, 2014 to hear someone trying to break into my condo, I went to the window and looked out and saw an individual trying to get into my patio door into my kitchen, I went back into my bedroom and grabbed my Glock 27 and chambered a round and went back into the kitchen and pulled back the drapes to confront the individual and it was a young lady. I informed her I was armed and if she persisted there was a good chance she was going to be shot, I might also mention that I have a laser sight on this weapon. She did not care and this seemed to agitate her even more. I stepped back, closed the drapes and called 911 to inform them of my emergency. The police arrived shortly thereafter and the officer asked if I had a weapon to which I replied yes, he asked to see it and I proceeded to unload the magazine and ejected the round in the chamber, and then locked the slide back and handed him the weapon, he commented that I seemed to have handled this weapon before and asked where I had acquired my training. I informed him that I learned my lessons at Centennial Gun Club, he commented that they had instructed me well. I might add that I did everything that I learned; ie, breathing, heartbeat, etc at the club. After about an hour they had the suspect in custody and I was very fortunate to have not shot anyone and I would like to say this was due to my training at the Club. Thank you for the lessons.



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